✉ My booking email:


+7 926 462 5733



The easiet way to book a session with me is to contact me via sms/txt, What's up or email. EMAIL:

TEL: +7 926 462 5733

Withheld numbers are never answered. 

Please in your email, what's up or sms/text include the answers to the 5 following questions. It will help me to make our session more personalized and fun and I will be able to tailor the right experience for you !  


1. Please give your telephone number so once I receive your booking I can easily contact you. 


2.Date, Time and length of booking


3. Which location do you want that


4. How much Bdsm experience do you have, if any ?


5. What do you want to do in the session, Bdsm-wise ?


( all information will be kept confidential and will be used only to arrange our appointment. I have a social life and a professional career apart from this. That is why your and my security and discretion are of vital importance for me. ) 

When you contact me directly by phone, you should keep in mind that I am busy most of the time, so if you can't reach me , send to me an sms/text message, what's up or better an email and I will contact you back.

  Please note I don’t participate in endless back-and-forth emailing. I don't answer blocked numbers and calls made through Internet. I don't engage in long SMS correspondence 

Contact me:

  • International: +7 926 462 5733
  • Location: Center of Moscow